Submissions open until April 30th

We are on the hunt for your stories of Suburban High Strangeness for
a print anthology. The profits will split evenly between authors.

High strangeness is defined as a set of unusual and often inexplicable
phenomena that challenge our understanding of the natural world and
our place In it. This is usually aligned with the paranormal, aliens and
cryptids. For this prompt, the term should be expanded to include anything 
that feels uncomfortable, eerie or unexplainable.

- Submit one story, somewhere in between 5,000 - 10,000 words
- We are only on the hunt for fiction
- Must be set in the suburbs
- No fixed genre: Body Horror, Paranormal, Experimental. As long as it tells a story.
- Reference points: Junji Ito, William S Burroughs, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Claire Denis, Jorge Luis Borges

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We are on the hunt for your short stories and poetry. Right now we're focusing on shorter pieces. We'll look at anything from your most down-to-earth character pieces to the outright bizarre, and everything in between. 

  • 4,000 words might be a rough limit, but we're not fussy on your word count. Your super long fiction pieces might have to be serialized or cut down.
  • We try and get back as quick as possible, but if we have a lot banked up you might have to wait a few weeks or longer. Submit to other places at the same time, no trouble, do what you want!
  • Keep your intellectual rights, we don't need them, get them away from us. All your work stays yours, and feel free to post your work wherever you want. If it ends up in print later and you want to give us a shout-out, that would be kind but not a deal breaker. 
  • Reviews, articles, and interviews are cool, but aren't on our current menu. Keen to read them, but no promises made!

Send your submissions to our editor Alex Antiuk:

We try to read everything that comes in.


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